Three ways to Accessorize Your Summer Lifestyle

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Summer is definitely here and whether you’ll be enjoying the sunshine or traveling on an outdoor adventure, your accessories should match your lifestyle.

Here are three great ways to gear up for a season of outdoor fun.

Sleek Shades
Defend your eyes from the sun with a great pair of shades that feature both UVA and UVB protection. Test several pairs of lenses with visual contrast in mind, as you won’t want to sacrifice your depth perception when you’re playing sports or out on a nature hike.

If you wear glasses regularly, you may also want to consider transition lenses, which are a convenient feature for an active lifestyle, eliminating the need to switch between pairs.

Great Timepieces
A great watch should not only be stylish, but also have functionality suited for the season. For example, the versatile Ladies Solar Easy Readers series from Casio features solar-powered operation as well as water resistance up to 50 meters. That means wearers can go fishing, hiking or swimming and not worry about damaging their watch. It comes in four stylish designs for every occasion.

For a timeless look that never goes out of style, check out Casio’s Vintage Series, which are water resistant, and feature a backlight for easy-reading in the sun. For runners, bikers and anyone up for a timed personal challenge, the stopwatch feature will come in handy.

The Go-Everywhere Bag
Accessorizing for the warmer weather should be all about simplicity. Pare down your wardrobe and stick with one eclectic, multifunctional bag you can take with you everywhere. Ideally, it could serve as both tote or sling bag, be useful for work and play, and, for light packers, even work as a weekend bag. Lots of compartments can help you keep your items organized and your valuables dry.

For patterns, think bright colors, tropical flowers, nautical stripes and other themes evocative of the season.

This season, don’t just accessorize for style, accessorize for your lifestyle.