The TFCL Team Tries Out Multitool Pliers


The company Wuliff sent TFCL a sample of their multitool pliers. The package boasts a durable, lightweight, and compact design.

One can tell this multitool is made primarily to be pliers. However, it also includes many other useful functions pertinent to a multitool.

Knife-Shot-WebWhen you open the multitool, a nice tug is necessary but it slides easily open. The pliers were made to fit a medium to large hand, and all the other functions can be found on the outside of the two handles upon opening.

Almost every aspect of this tool seems to be quite durable except the spring that allows the pliers to work. The spring is barely better than a spring you would find in a pen. As for the rest of the tool, it is made of sturdy metal and plastic elements.Spring-Close-Up-Web

The multitool would not quite fall under the lightweight category. It is not heavy but rather a medium weight. Its weight does not impede its usage, however.

Closed-and-Carrier-WebIts most appealing function to me is how compact it is. It comes in a black cloth case that is about as small as half the average cell phone size. The bag is secured with a velcro strip, and there is a cloth handle on the back.Ruler-Shot-Web

The size allows the user to easily carry this tool on his or her belt, medium to large pocket, and even a small purse.

Overall, if you are looking for a compact multitool that can get the average job needed by a multitool done well.

Texas Forest Country Living received this product for free or at a reduced cost in exchange for an unbiased review. You can purchase the product here.