Regional Day of Giving in East Texas Set for April 30th


The fourth annual East Texas Giving Day will be held Tuesday, April 30, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. until midnight. East Texas Giving Day, powered by East Texas Communities Foundation, is an online crowd funding event that happens online at

“Giving Day has raised just shy of two million dollars in unrestricted funds for participating nonprofits,” said Kyle Penney, President of East Texas Communities Foundation. “We can’t wait to see what our nonprofits and donors can do this year.”

The purpose of an area-wide Giving Day is to bring the region together on one day and as one community, raising money and awareness for East Texas nonprofits. The initiative, organized by East Texas Communities Foundation (ETCF), provides citizens across ETCF’s 32-county service area an easy platform to support the mission of local nonprofits.

“Last year resulted in 23% of donors indicating they were first-time donors to the charities they supported,” Penney said. “This is one of the key results that inspired ETCF to host a Giving Day in the first place.”

On April 30th, transactions will be securely processed through the Giving Day website and donors will receive an immediate tax receipt via email at the conclusion of the donation process.

Prescheduled giving opened April 15th. “The opportunity to preschedule gifts will allow nonprofits to start sharing in the ‘buzz’ related to giving day” said Penney. “When the early gifts start showing up, and nonprofits promote those donations, it builds enthusiasm and inspires more donors to join in the fun. The excitement is contagious.”

Participating nonprofits and donors can track donations pledged throughout the day of April 30th in real-time by watching the leaderboard on the home page of the web site. The minimum donation amount is $10. All transactions processed on Giving Day will incur approximately 5.09% in fees based on the costs of the Giving Day technology platform and credit card processing fees. Nonprofits will receive funds six-to-eight weeks after the conclusion of the event.

“Our goal in hosting East Texas Giving Day is to reach new donors and give them simple access to support a wide variety of local causes,” said Penney. “We also want to use this opportunity to build a new generation of philanthropists for our communities.”

Ongoing updates about the event will be posted on ETCF’s Facebook page at and the foundation’s website

“Social media is key to having a successful Giving Day event,” Penney said. “Follow along with these nonprofits and share their post on Facebook and other apps. By sharing their post, we increase awareness which will benefit participating nonprofits past this one day event.”


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