Nacogdoches Public Library Hosts Makerspace Hand Thrown Paintball Workshop


The Judy B. McDonald Public Library invites tweens and teens to a Makerspace workshop on Saturday, May 21st at 1:00 in Pecan Acres Park.  Participants will learn the science behind the creation of non-toxic, biodegradable and painless paintballs that don’t require a gun.  

All attendees should be sure to wear clothes that they don’t mind painting.  “We like to venture outside the library for some of our programs,” says Crystal Hicks, assistant library director.  “Plus, even though these paintballs will generally wash off with soap, this is definitely an outdoor activity!”  

Please call 559-2970 to register.

The Judy B. McDonald Public Library is thrilled to continue and expand the Makerspace program for tweens and teens.  Makers are a collaborative community of all ages who share a passion for making things and who are engaged in experimentation, innovation and creativity.

The Public Library’s Makerspace merges DIY, craft, art, electronics, programming, math, science and engineering into projects for both young people and their mentors.  The goal is to support and grow the Maker movement in the local community through experimental play and hands-on creativity.

Look for the new space in the library!

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