Nacogdoches Junior Forum Announces Market Days


Holiday in the Pines 2018 “Dreaming of a White Christmas” – Located in The Fredonia Hotel and Convention Center 200 N Fredonia St, Nacogdoches, TX 75961, November 15-17th

Nacogdoches Junior Forum is excited to announce that Holiday in the Pines 2018, “Dreaming of a White Christmas”, will be held inside the historic Fredonia Hotel in Downtown Nacogdoches. NJF invites you to take a stroll down memory lane as we dream of a classic and pristine winter wonderland. You will enjoy exclusive shopping with more than 60 specialty stores and shops from coast-to-coast all located in the hotel convention center.


Ezra McMullen
Ezra McMullin graduated high school and decided it was time to get to work. Initially, he worked for his grandparents at Huntington Market & Deli or better known as Dean’s in the area. He transition to working as an office clerk in a law firm before making the move to MSGPR as a videographer and content manager. It was an easy switch fueled by passions he pursued in his free time, where he watches plenty of Youtube, and spurred an interest in the video editing world. He's putting passion to work, learning how to shoot and edit videos, and says it’s a lot more fun than he expected. He is studying at Angelina College and enjoys playing golf, hanging with friends and his girlfriend, and staying up past 3am playing X Box telling himself he'll just play one more level before bed.

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