How to Style a Choker


Chokers are all the rave right now. I have a few tips that can help your choker turn your outfit from good to great!

Maddie Adams wears her a gold choker.

First is to wear a lower cut shirt or a v neck. Next, layer, layer, layer! Wear a choker and then lots of other necklaces of various lengths.

Maddie Adams wears her favorite choker.

My favorite chokers are the true 90’s plastic, laced, black ones. Finally, pair a fun and bold lipstick with a choker and rock it!

There are so many cute chokers out there. Have fun with it and don’t be scared to try a choker you wouldn’t have before! Most importantly, wear a confident smile to bring your outfit together. Happy #FashionFriday!


Maddie Adams
Maddie Adams
Maddie Adams is a fashion guru on Texas Forest Country Living, known for her weekly "How To" articles. She enjoys reading about the latest trends, teaching others how to look their best, and shopping for the perfect black dress on the weekends. During her off time, Maddie spends time with her family, hiking with friends, reading the latest Nicholas Sparks novel, and volunteering at her church. She currently resides in Lufkin.

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