Go Wild at a Texas State Park


Embrace your wild side! Your Texas State Parks have some of the best activities and programs for springtime fun.

The wildflowers are blooming early this year and are expected to last through April, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the colorful Texas landscapes!

Nature Walks
Get outside and enjoy the flowers with a guided nature walk. Or brush up on your blooms with this guide to common Texas wildflowers and see what you can find at apark near you!

Art in the Park
Capture the beauty of springtime with Arts and Crafts or Photography in the parks.

Wildflower Report
Find out what’s blooming in Texas State Parks or discover and share wildflower sightings in your area.

Spring has sprung and the local wildlife is out and about. Remember to keep a respectful distance, and check out these tips for wildlife watching.

Best State Parks for Watching Wildlife
Texas State Parks are some of the best places to easily view wildlife. Here are nine of the top state parks for viewing the flora and fauna of Texas!

Great Texas Wildlife Trails
Whether you are a birder, a wildlife enthusiast, or just want to see the wild side of Texas, these nine regional driving trail maps will lead you to the best spots to see birds, butterflies, bats, pronghorns and more.

Junior Rangers
Research shows that kids (and adults!) who play outside are healthier, happier, and smarter. Check out a Junior Ranger Explorer Pack or Journal and explore the wildlife around you!

Texas State Parks boast some legendary stories and wonderful historical features.Travel back in time for a new perspective on state parks.

Best Parks for Texas History
Walk in the footsteps of Davy Crockett, enjoy a historical reenactment, or view ancient pictographs and petroglyphs! Here are ten parks that bring history to life.

View CCC Work
During the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) designed and built dozens of state parks. Check out these nine parks with incredible CCC handiwork.

Buffalo Soldiers
Texas Buffalo Soldiers bring history to life with stories, costumes and tools. Learn how to track an animal, fish with a cane pole or cook over a campfire at a living history event.



Megan Whitworth
Megan Whitworth
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