Coffee, New Global Breakfast Trends and their Economic Impacts


People across the planet, from Finland to Turkey to the United States, love their coffee. However, many countries are witnessing a change in their breakfast eating patterns and this has a direct impact on several industries including the coffee and orange juice consumption.

Data compiled by ReportLinker shows that:

Given that people are usually pressed for time on weekday mornings they often prefer a “functional breakfast”.
American coffee consumption is on the rise and expected to keep rising and reach 29 millions of 60kg bags consumed by 2021.

Because of coffee’s caffeine rush, people will usually choose it over orange juice. This explains why American orange juice consumption has reduced dramatically since the mid-1990s and is forecasted to continue its decline.

In the midst of all this is one seemingly anomalous trend in the UK. Decaffeinated coffee sales surged enormously in 2006 and 2007 to reach €36.3K , but have since fallen off substantially to €14.6K in 2016.

People, we can conclude, aren’t too worried about caffeine consumption and its negative side effects. But, they are in search of a healthy but quick ‘n’ easy breakfast, especially during the week. Chief among them are overnight oats, frittatas, and green juice blends. Avocado toast, which packs in more flavor and more nutrition than regular toast, and protein pancakes (especially loved by the aging Baby Boomers and the youngest adults) make big surges on the weekend.

Considering that coffee is also a fast ‘n’ easy fix, and gives (the illusion of) energy, it’s quite likely to fit right in with today’s emergent breakfast trends.

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