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The City of Nacogdoches Emergency Management wants to remind citizens to sign up for NacWise Alert. NacWise Alert is a mass notification service that allows city officials to send and track personalized messages to Nacogdoches residents and efficiently provide you with information in the event of a hurricane, wildfire or other disasters. You may also utilize NacWise Alert to receive email, text messages (SMS) to mobile phones and view posts on Facebook, RSS feeds and Twitter channels. If you are hearing impaired NacWise Alert can send messages to your TTY/TDD device.

NacWise Alert allows the City of Nacogdoches to keep our community safe and informed. NacWise Alert will communicate with you in minutes during an emergency situation. NacWise Alert is GIS (map) based, and messages will be targeted to your neighborhood when they are applicable. The system makes it easy to select how you want to receive various notifications. By signing up and logging on, you will ensure your location and contact information are current and accurate.

With NacWise Alert, you will be informed of what the emergency is, as simply hearing warning sirens does not give you any information. Prior to NacWise the only way to warning citizens would be to use the outdoor warning sirens. While sirens are useful for warning people when they are outdoors, NacWise Alert is a more cost-effective and informative system.

Sign up for NacWise Alert!
You may sign up for mass notifications through the NacWise Alert Portal located on the City of Nacogdoches web page.


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