TFCL Tries Out Loop Resistance Bands

Misty tries out the Light resistance band. Photo by: Bethany Baldwin

Live Infinitely sent the TFCL team a free sample of its Loop Resistance Bands.

Loop resistance bands are created to be an alternative way to exercise, rehabilitate, build strength, and focus muscle groups.

The Live Infinitely bands are latex loops that come in five levels of resistance: light, medium, heavy, extra heavy, and extra extra heavy. We tried out each level of resistance during our lunch break.

The bands are very durable. They are small at first glance, but they stretch surprisingly far for how compact they are.

We were able to do arm, leg, and full body stretches with the bands. The range of muscles these bands isolate truly surprised us. I certainly did not have resistance built up in some of the areas.

IMG_7684By searching the web for some loop resistance band workouts, we were able to come up with a good workout that we tested during our lunch break.We agreed the bands worked great as an alternative for the gym and as a short workout for lunch or at home.

The bands also come in a nicely portable, black bag that could be easily transported. They wouldn’t add any weight to a carryon bag in the airport and would easily fit in an overnight bag.

The bands are excellent for their ease, portability, varying strengths, and we would recommend them.

MSGPR received this product free of charge for a non-biased review. You may order the product HERE.