3 Ways to Help Save Lives this Food Allergy Awareness Week


Allergic reactions to food range from hives and a stuffy nose to life-threatening anaphylaxis, and 15 million Americans have food allergies, according to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE).

Here are ways you can celebrate Food Allergy Awareness Week, observed May 13-19, and potentially save lives in your community.

• Advocate that the schools in your community are stocked with epinephrine so that those suffering from a life-threatening allergic reaction can be treated swiftly.

• Teach your child to be a good friend to classmates with food allergies. Make sure they understand that bullying others about food allergies is unacceptable. Carefully review what food items to avoid sending with your child to school.

• Donate to FARE to support their efforts to improve the health of those with food allergies through research, education and advocacy. To learn more, visit foodallergy.org.

Understanding food allergies is the first step toward ensuring the health and safety of those with this medical condition.



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